Friday 20th October 2017

­Dear Parents,

A good finish to the half term for boys in the Senior Department in Year 6, with a Classics trip to Verulamium (St Albans these days) as I write. It seems particularly important to keep the joy and a love for learning strong in this year group, as all too often we find a few boys disheartened by the ‘11+’ pressure or the sense they must be an ‘A grader’ or in the ‘top’ set in order to be considered a success. Such tension doesn’t come from us, where achievement is based on a bigger picture: we are always keen to celebrate the boys’ progress, to recognise where they have come from and to provide positive encouragement. I hope senior grade and effort cards will enable parents to have discussions about what’s going well and next steps.

In the Senior Department we’ve also been long awaiting delivery of improved notebooks for the boys to store timetables, reminders and Crests in. They should fit far better in the pocket than the old ones, be smarter and more durable. I’m aware that the boys’ temporary timetable/cards are now in tatters! We hope to issue as we return from the break, thanks for your patience.

More joy in the Junior Department with Year 3 and a day to celebrate geographical study of India. We saw costume, music, food and ecology all developing a keen sense of place and understanding.

This links nicely to a lovely event in Early Years yesterday where we had parents and extended family members come in to work with our youngest boys so that they could learn and appreciate more on culture and religious studies, in this case, Diwali. I know we have many families with links to this part of the world and I enjoyed receiving Diwali cards from the boys. I hope families observing the celebrations had a wonderful time.

Enjoy the half term break. The next half of the term will bring lots more learning and a whole lot of singing and celebration too. 

Have a good break,

John Towers


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