Friday 16th June

­Dear Parents,

A warm welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year. We hope the boys enjoyed a restful summer break.

To start with some celebration: your boy should be eagerly presenting you with the 2016-2017 Yearbook: lots of lovely stories and memories of recent events for you to all enjoy at home. Less colourful, but also important, there is also a copy of our recent school inspection report coming home today. It was pleasing to see we passed the post in all independent school standards, notably with no ‘action points’ arising. It’s great for both staff and boys to receive such external validation for their efforts.  However, such praise does not mean we can relax, as there is much we can do to develop consistence and quality of provision. Schools should never sit still.

With such in mind, the senior boys’ feet had barely hit the ground when I shared our renewed focus on some of the ‘basics’, such as the quality of work presentation.

Whether it’s writing in in a cursive script with a fountain pen or setting out algorithms in mathematics with care and precision, such details are worth investment. All the boys have had standards and expectations shared and they have a week’s head start before I start chasing down their books to check outcomes. 

We are in the process of launching our new ‘virtual learning environment’ for parents and students, a platform called Firefly which will become your secure ‘one stop’ shop for all things homework, academic resources and communications. As with any change process there will be some adjustment and fine tuning, but we hope this really helps communication.

Thanks to Mr McCaffery for leading a great Classics Department trip to Italy for the boys over the summer break, assisted by Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Medley, Mr Pearce and Miss Mayes.

Finally, baby news! Over the summer our staff have been busy: to Miss Larkins a baby girl, Alara, to Mrs Hutchings a son, Benjamin, and to Mrs Pettett a son, Arlo.

Have a good weekend.

John Towers


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