The Senior Department follows a curriculum of Mathematics, English and Drama, French, Science, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Studies, Art & Design, Music, Computing, PHSE and Sport. During their last two years the syllabus followed leads to Common Entrance or Scholarship Examinations. Boys are taught by specialist staff and have access to all of our dedicated facilities that are available both on and off-site.

In the 5th form (Year 6), boys are allocated into different groups for English, Mathematics, French and Latin to reflect different learning needs. Effort is crucial to progress and there is flexibility between different groups to allow for changing learning situations. Teaching is aimed at developing learning independence, which is key to preparation for the needs of the 21st century education. Boys are regularly teacher assessed to ensure they make good progress. The school uses CEM, University of Durham, assessments to establish pupils’ baseline and to monitor their progress. 

There is a Parents’ Evening twice a year at which parents meet either their son’s tutor or their son’s teachers. Full written summative reports are sent home at the end of each academic year. Examinations are held in the Summer Term and, additionally, in the Spring Term for boys in the 5th form and above. 

Common Entrance and Scholarship

Homefield’s primary purpose is to prepare boys safely for their first choice of Senior School. The usual route for entry to Senior School at 13 is Common Entrance. This is an academically rigorous examination, pitched at level six of the National Curriculum, set by the Senior Schools in common. It covers the subjects of Mathematics, English, French, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and Latin. Boys may be entered at the school’s recommendation, for entry to Senior Schools via the Scholarship Examination.

For more information on exam dates and timetables visit the Independent Schools Examinations Boards website.

Year 8 Leavers Programme

Each summer, our Year 8 leavers enjoy a specially designed  post examination programme. For example, they celebrate finishing their exams with exciting day trips, before departing for a residential week where they experience many outdoor activities. On their return, rehearsals  begin for the much anticipated annual leavers’ play. When not learning their lines, students partake in a variety of activities with an emphasis on life skills and future educational and career pathways. Drugs awareness, CPR first aid and financial understanding are just some of the many subjects that are explored through a variety of field trips, classroom workshops and keynote speakers. We know that our Year 8 benefit immensely from this opportunity to broaden their experiences before they embark on the next stage of their education.



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